Probate and Trust Administration

When a loved one passes away, we understand that it can be an emotional and confusing time. We strive to provide compassionate and conscientious service when assisting clients with the administration of their loved one’s estate.


  • Probate is a legal proceeding that winds up a person’s affairs after his or her death and ensures proper distribution of assets to the deceased’s heirs and beneficiaries. The decedent’s Personal Representative must be appointed by the court and follow the statutory process for payment of creditors and eventual distribution of assets. Our office will provide you with clear direction each step of the way from the opening of the probate to the closure of the estate.
  • Trust Administration. If your deceased loved one had a Revocable Living Trust, probate may be avoided. However, there are still legal requirements and trust terms that should be considered and followed when paying creditors and distributing Trust assets. Further, if the deceased person had a special needs trust, trust for minors, a disclaimer trust (or other tax planning) in their estate plan, we will guide you in the funding and administration of these specific types of trusts.