Guardianship is a court supervised process that grants the Guardian the authority to make financial and/or healthcare decisions on behalf of a person who can no longer do this for themself. If the person possibly subject to Guardianship executed a Durable Power of Attorney document prior to their incapacity, a guardianship proceedings can usually be avoided. However, there are some scenarios where Guardianship may be necessary. For example, when a disabled child turns 18 or if an adult becomes incapacitated due to an unexpected accident or illness. To be appointed as Guardian, you must submit a petition to the Court. Once the petition is filed, a Guardian ad Litem will be appointed to review the case and make recommendations. Once reviewing these recommendations, the Court may appoint the you as the Guardian. After being appointed, you will be required to report to the Court periodically. Our office can assist you with the initial Petition and/or ongoing reporting to the Court.

**We do not handle contested Guardianships at this time. If you need help with this circumstance, we can provide you with a referral.